• I live in Lawton, Michigan
  • I was born on April 9
  • My occupation is School, Video Games, Walking
  • I am Male

Friend Code (Switch): SW-0822-6693-4507

ChinaBunny (SMM1)
CuddlesHTF (SMM2)

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About Me


Born April 9, 2001 (Age 19)
Michigan, U.S.
Channels Twitch (Only viewing), YouTube (Android/Inactive) YouTube (iPhone/Main)
Other Wiki's Geometry Dash Fan Inkipedia (Patroller) Mario Wiki Survive The Disasters (Roblox)
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ChinaBunny is an experienced Super Mario Maker Hispanic American player. The Person behind the Player is a Male, the Mii is a creation of a brother's beloved stuffed Bunny. He created 2 main series of levels, titling them Parkour Puzzle and Brutal Bunny. He has been playing Super Mario Maker on September 13, 2015. He also goes through ADHD, but has no problems with gameplay, and even has sensitive feelings.

He now used Twitter as social Media.

He is Diagnosed with ADHD, which is Hyper Activity, Aspergers, and ASD, which is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Level Definitions

On his Brutal Bunny series, some of the level titles has a deifition of what he's been through or for something else.

GordoMan's Castle

He was friends with the NNID of GordoMan (can't remember if there are any numbers in the NNID) on Minecraft Wii U, they became great friends and he planned to make a Mario Maker Level titling his NNID after finding his Super Mario Maker Levels. The level is still up.

A Friends Grave

Another level for a friend with the NNID of Soupsa (I think I remembered). They were playing Minecraft Wii U together one day and he kept noticing she was building a grave and the sign she typed out said "R.I.P. Soupsa". After feeling kind of down, he made the level, feeling kind of sorry.

He tried to reach out to her but never got a reply. Due to her inactivity, he took her off the friend list because of his Friend List Rules and Guidelines, and the level is deleted.

No one likes me..

The level title was a short story of when playing with his friend on Minecraft Wii U, his friend kept teasing him with TNT. With being a young teen, he didn't handle it well and just left. He got a random idea of the level title, showing he needs more respect. The level title is fake however, but the level is still up to play.

Ice Scream

No backstory, but on the day of the level's construction, his father offered ice cream dessert during construction of the level.

Staying Up Late

This level just shows his passion for staying up late at night. It is still up to play.

Clickbait Castle

He keeps hearing about some Youtuber's doing Clickbait videos, so he constructed the level as a joke level. Part of the level is pretty trollish.

Fatal Fields

No Backstory, he just wanted to think of a level title relating to a Fortnite Location. It is also a re-creation of a troll level that was deleted when he was practicing the level.

The level is deleted and is replaced with a new level that is a planned troll level.

Sensitive Feelings

An unreleased (and not yet verified) level that was built after crying in school. The event happened when everyone was talking and was supposed to ready up for a warm-up question. The teacher lost her cool and yelled at the whole class. He was the only one who didn't take it well.

Friend or Foe?

Another unreleased (and not yet verified) level that was built of his frustration of wanting to play with his friends on Minecraft Wii U. What happened was that his own friends kicked him out of their world. Since this kept happening, he constructed a level as a good title, but not hate toward anyone. He resolves the situation of his friends kicking him out by unfriending them since he has rules and guidelines for his friend list.

Don't Fly at 3AM

This level title was given thought of the Internet Trend called, "Don't do this at 3AM" and made it as a Super Mario Maker level.

Unfortunately, the level was deleted by Nintendo because it didn't get enough players by the deadline.

Other Hobbies

  • Biking
  • Drawing
  • Listening to Music (Mostly SMW Custom Music)
  • Chores (But NOT Mowing the Lawn)

Personal Secrets

  • He's a nail biter
  • Obsessed with the Pokémon Jigglypuff, and Bunnies (I prefer Jigglypuff, but I also still like Lopunny and Scorbunny).

SMM Jigglypuff


  • With his Twitch Username as "Bunnyfan21" and with the color Pink, people assume the gender of behind the user is female, when really it's a male behind the username.

Techs From Me

Songs I wish were SMW Custom Music

Duck Life Series (Web)

Duck Life 4

  • Race Theme

Duck Life: Treasure Hunt

  • Temple Theme "On a Search for Treasure!"

Clubhouse Games (DS)

  • Backgammon / Chess
  • Blackjack / Five Card Draw / Texas Holdem / Nap / Contract Bridge
  • Checkers / Grid Attack - Final Pieces
  • Chess - Check
  • Chinese Checkers / Checkers / Dots and Boxes / Turncoat / Grid Attack
  • Connect Five / Hasami Shogi / Koi-Koi / Shogi (Along with Connect 5's Connect 3-4 Theme and Koi-Koi's Koi Koi Called theme)
  • Field Tactics / Darts
  • Gift Theme
  • I Doubt it / Last Card / Last Card Plus - Final Cards
  • Ludo / Word Balloon
  • Main Menu Theme
  • Mission Theme
  • Soda Shake
    • Soda Shake - It's About to Blow! (Title Guesses, as it's the final phase theme of the Game) (Although not my favorite theme, it would be perfect for Underwater Levels).
  • Stamp Theme

(Some of the Music's are listed from this Video.)

Baldi's Basics (PC)

  • School Theme (Happy Baldi)

Geometry Dash (PC/Mobile)

  • Practice Mode (i.e. Stay Inside Me (Cut/Looped))

The House of the Dead Series

The House of the Dead 1 (Arcade, Saturn, PC)

  • Attract (Title Screen)
  • Tragedy (Chapter 1)
  • Truth (chapter 3)
  • Boss Theme
  • Magician Theme
  • Stage Clear Theme
  • Game Over Theme
  • Unused Track 1
  • Unused Track 2

The House of the Dead 2 (Arcade, Dreamcast, Xbox, PC, Wii)

  • Title Screen
  • A Prelude (Chapter 1)
  • Magician Intro
  • Magician Fight
  • Emperor Intro
  • Emperor Fight
  • Stage Clear Theme
  • Game Over Theme
  • Boss Theme
  • Training Mode

Mario Golf Series

Mario Golf (N64)

  • Menu
  • Toad Highlands
    • Toad Tournament
  • Koopa Park
    • Koopa Cup
  • Shy Guy Desert (Full)
    • Shy Guy International
  • Yoshi Island
    • Yoshi Champoinship
  • Speed Golf (Intro/Course)
  • Training Mode (Hole Select/Course)
  • Ring Attack (Hole Selection/Course)
  • Best Shot Reply
  • Controls
  • VS. Dormie

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GC)

(List soon)

Mario Golf: Advance Tour (GBA)

(List Soon)

Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS)

(List Soon)

Warrior's Way (3DS Streetpass Plaza)

  • Your Turn to Shine (Organize your Troops)

Favorite Articles

  1. Damage Boosting
  2. Dev Exit
  3. Troll Level
  4. Mario Must Die (series)
  5. Grand Poo World/Soundtrack

Work/To Do List

There are Articles I thought of and would need some work:

  1. Storks and Apes and Crocodiles (Completed, but Soundtrack needs work)
  2. I really want to write about Facedesk!
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