Triple Jump
Difficulty Basic
Symbol Arrow Sign (Up-Right)Arrow Sign (Up-Right)Arrow Sign (Up-Right)
Patched Version 1.47
Game Styles

The Triple Jump is a special move used in the New Super Mario Bros. U game style. There are many harder tricks that are based around the Triple Jump.


The Triple Jump allows Mario to gain 5 blocks of height and can be started from the ground or from a wall jump. It will also cause Mario to perform a front flip. Mario is unable to start a Triple Jump if he is holding an item or not at maximum speed.

Triple Jump

Basic Variations


It is possible to perform a Triple Jump even if Mario is facing backwards as long as the necessary speed is maintained.



Note: See the main page for full variations

Triple Jump Chaining

Changing Direction

Mario is able to change directions while not interuppting a Triple Jump as long as he is at maximum speed when the next jump is performed.

Triple Jump Changing Direction

From One Block Height

Mario is able to do a Triple Jump out of a one block high space by very quickly doing 3 small jumps.

Triple Jump From 1 Block Height

Landing With No Momentum

Mario will land without any forward momentum if the player is not holding left or right.

Triple Jump (Pose)

Advanced Variations


Throwing a fireball just before landing on the ground will allow Mario to throw a fireball without interrupting the Triple Jump.

Triple Jump (Fireball)

Item Carry

Note: Mario will no longer do a front flip when grabbing items on levels created after version 1.47.
While Mario is unable to start a Triple Jump while holding an item, grabbing an item in the air will not interrupt the Triple Jump.

Item Carry Item Grab
Triple Jump (Item Carry)

Item Throw

If Mario lands on an enemy immediately after throwing an item he can throw the item without interrupting the Triple Jump. This is also possible to do without an enemy by doing a frame-perfect input.

Normal Enemy
Triple Jump (Item Throw)

Phantom Jump

Note: See the main page for full variations
Through various methods it is possible to do a Triple Jump with only two jumps.

Note Block
Triple Jump (Note Block)

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