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Super Panga World is a ROM hack of Super Mario World created by Linkdeadx2. The ROM hack was dedicated to PangaeaPanga, a popular streamer known for his extremely difficult levels.



Title Screen
Super Panga World v1.2000.png
Yoshi's House
Super Panga World v1.2002.png

World 1

World 1
Super Panga World (World 1).png
Pokey Plains
Pokey Plains.png
Treetop Sprint
Treetop Sprint.png
Red Glitch Palace
Red Glitch Palace.png
Aaron's Crib
Aaron's Crib.png

World 2

World 2
Super Panga World v1.2001.png
Panga's Butthole
Panga's Butthole.png

World 3

World 3
Not Cool
Not Cool.png
Dolphin Hideout
Dolphin Hideout.png
Linkdead's Castle
Linkdead's Castle.png

World 4

World 4
Super Panga World v1.2042.png
Panga Gardens
Panga Gardens.png
Pink Boo's House
Pink Boo's House.png
Kuso! Ghost House
Kakusho Dream Land
Voracious Escape
House of Foss

Events Featured

Super Dram World was featured at Summer Games Done Quick in 2017 being speedrun by DoDeChehedron.

World Records

See Speedrun.com for full results.
Rank Player Time Video
1 DoDeChehedron 24m 10s
2 DaWildGrim 1h 22m 45s
3 PangaeaPanga 1h 31m 56s

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World 1

Pokey PlainsTreetop SprintRed Glitch PalaceAaron's Crib

World 2

Panga's Butthole

World 3

Not CoolDolphin HideoutLinkdead's Castle

World 4

Panga GardensPink Boo's HouseKuso! Ghost HouseKakusho Dream LandVoracious EscapeHouse of Foss