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Super Mario World
Super Mario World.png
Developer Nintendo
Platform Super Nintendo

Flag of Japan.png November 21, 1990
Flag of USA.png August 13, 1991
Flag of Europe.png April 11, 1992
Flag of Australia.png July 1, 1992

Super Mario World(JP) is a main series Super Mario game for the Super Nintendo on November 21, 1990. As such, it is the sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3. The game was produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, featuring music composed by Koji Kondo, and graphics designed by Shigefumi Hino. This is the first Mario game in which Yoshi, Wigglers, Monty Moles, Banzai Bills, Pokeys and Magikoopas appear, as well as a save feature.

The game was followed in 1995 by a prequel, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, which is set many years before the events in Super Mario World.

Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that ever since they finished Super Mario Bros., the design staff wanted to have Mario ride a dinosaur. It was believed to be impossible technically until the Super NES was developed. According to Miyamoto, sixteen people were involved in the creation of the game, and it took about three years to make.



  • D-Pad (SNES).png Move
  • A (SNES).png Spin jump
  • B (SNES).png Jump
  • X (SNES).pngY (SNES).png Dash/Interact/Special ability
  • L (SNES).png Scroll camera left
  • R (SNES).png Scroll camera right
  • Start (SNES).png Pause
  • Select (SNES).png Use item/Return to map from a completed level (When paused)

Secret bonus changes

After the player beats every special level, the following changes occur:

  • World Map: The colors of the map become Fall-themed, like grass and the trees of Forest of Illusion turning orange.
  • Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas: Change into Mask Koopas.
  • Jumping Piranha Plants: Change into Jumping Pumpkin Plants.
  • Bullet Bills: Change into Pidgit Bills.
  • Vines: Buds become pumpkins.


Playable characters

Supporting characters

In addition to Mario and Luigi, Yoshis of four different colors appear in the game, which may be controlled once acquired, as well as dolphins that can carry Mario and Luigi across large distances.

Image Name Description


Green Yoshi SMW.PNG Green Yoshi The default Yoshi. Like the other Yoshi, it is able to eat many kinds of enemies and jump on spiked enemies without taking harm, as well as walk across Munchers. They can also utilize Shells for special powers.
Red Yoshi SMW.PNG Red Yoshi A Yoshi that spits out any colored Shell in the form of three fireballs.
Blue Yoshi SMW.PNG Blue Yoshi A Yoshi that flies as long as a Shell is in its mouth.
Yellow Yoshi SMW.PNG Yellow Yoshi A Yoshi that can create sand clouds by taking a Shell into its mouth, defeating enemies with its impact.


Image Name Description
Small Mario Mario's weakest form; he starts each life in this form. If Mario touches an enemy while in this form, he loses a life.
Super Mario The form Mario turns into after obtaining a Super Mushroom in small form. Mario gains the ability to break Brick Blocks in this state. If Mario touches an enemy while in this form, he shrinks back to his Small form.
Fire Mario After utilizing a Fire Flower, Mario will turn into Fire Mario, giving him the ability to defeat enemies by shooting fireballs at them.
Cape Mario
Balloon Mario
Invincible Mario After getting a Super Star, Mario will become invincible, and thus cannot be harmed by any enemies or obstacles; he can also defeat most enemies without jumping on or throwing projectiles at them. This will only last for a short period of time, and Mario will still lose a life if he falls into an abyss, a pool of lava, or runs out of time. If Mario is not Small, he will frontflip a bunch of times if he jumps.


Image Name Description
1-Up Mushroom SMW.png
1-Up Mushroom If Mario or Luigi collects one, he will get an extra life. 100 coins collected.
3-Up Moon SMW.png
3-Up Moon If Mario or Luigi collects one of these very rare items, they both get three extra lives. 300 coins collected.
Coin SMW.gif
Coin Collect 100 Coins for a 1-Up.
Silver Coin SMW.png
Silver Coin Pressing a Silver P Switch turns all enemies into Silver Coins for a limited time. If enough are collected, they create extra lives.
Berry SMW.png
Berries Eating ten red berries in one stage will cause Yoshi to lay an egg with a power-up. Two pink berries will produce a coin throwing cloud. Green berries add 20 seconds to the time limit. A berry is also worth the same as a coin.
Dragon Coin SMW.png
Dragon Coin Collect all five or more on one stage for a 1-Up. 1000 points awarded then doubles for each one collected.
Key and Keyhole SMW.png
Key and Keyhole If Mario or Luigi grab the key and put it in a keyhole (which is hidden in a level), a secret level will be unlocked.
Orb SMW.png
Orb An item that is required to successfully complete the Sunken Ghost Ship.
P Switch SMW.png
P Switch When the blue switch is pressed, blocks transform into coins and vice-versa, and some invisible blocks will be revealed. If the silver one is pressed, some enemies, such as Spinies, will transform into Silver Coins. After a short period of time, the changes made by either switch will revert to normal.
Spring SMW.png
Spring Jumping on a spring will allow Mario or Luigi to jump much higher than normal.
Grab Block SMW.png
Grab Block A dark blue block that can be picked up and carried. Once grabbed, it can be kicked away to defeat enemies.
Baby Yoshi (Green) SMW.png
Baby Yoshi (Red) SMW.png
Baby Yoshi (Blue) SMW.png
Baby Yoshi (Yellow) SMW.gif
Baby Yoshi If Mario or Luigi passes nearby a lone Yoshi Egg, it will hatch into a Baby Yoshi. The player must feed the Baby Yoshi five enemies, grab blocks, or one power-up to grow into an Adult Yoshi. Every time a Baby Yoshi eats an enemy, the player will receive a coin and 200 points.


Image Name Description
Super Mushroom (SMW).png
Super Mushroom Grab this to change into Super Mario. 1000 points awarded.
Fire Flower (SMW).png
Fire Flower Grab this to change into Fire Mario. 1000 points awarded.
Cape Feather (SMW).png
Cape Feather Grab this to change into Cape Mario. 1000 points awarded.
P-Balloon (SMW).png
Power Balloon Grab this to change into Balloon Mario temporaily. If Mario or Luigi collects one of these, they will swell like balloons and will be able to float in the air for a short time. No points collected upon collecting the item.
Super Star (SMW).png
Star When collected, either Mario or Luigi will become temporarily invincible. 1000 points awarded.
Yoshi's Wings.png
Yoshi's Wings If a Yoshi grabs these wings, he will enter Coin Heaven. It will also turn any Yoshi blue after completion, making this an easier way to get a Blue Yoshi before Star World.


Image Name Description
Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother
Ball n chain.png
Ball 'n' Chain
Beach Koopa (Red) SMW.gif
Beach Koopa (Blue) SMW.gif
Beach Koopa (Yellow) SMW.gif
Beach Koopa
BigBoo SMW.png
Big Boo
Big Bubble
BigSteely SMW.png
Big Steely
SMW BillBlaster.png
Bill Blaster
Bob-omb SMW.gif
Bony Beetle
Boo buddy3.gif
Boo Buddy
Boo Buddy Block
Boo Buddy Snake
SMW-Boo Buddy Swarm Portion.png
Boo Buddy Swarm
Bullet Bill
Buzzy Beetle
Mario charginChuck.gif
Clappin' Chuck SMW.gif
Confused Chuck SMW.gif
Puntin' Chuck SMW.gif
Chargin' Chuck
Cheep Cheep
SMW-Circling Boo Buddies Portion.png
Circling Boo Buddies
Climbing Koopa (Red) SMW.gif
Climbing Koopa
Dino Rhino SMW.png
Dino Rhino
Dino-Torch SMW.png
Disappearing Boo Buddies SMW.png
Disappearing Boo Buddy
Dry Bones SMW.gif
Dry Bones
Eerie SMW.gif
Falling Spike SMW.png
Falling Spike
Fire Jumping Piranha Plant SMW.png
Fire Jumping Piranha
Fire Snake SMW.png
Fire Snake
Fish Bone SMW.gif
Fish Bone
Fishin' Boo Sprite.png
Fishin' Boo
Fishin' Lakitu SMW.png
Fishin' Lakitu
Floating Mine
Flying Goomba
Gold Bowser Statue.png
Gold Bowser Statue
Grey Bowser Statue.png
Gray Bowser Statue
Hothead SMW.png
Jumping Piranha Plant
Jumping Pumpkin Plant SMW.gif
Jumping Pumpkin Plant
Kamikaze Koopa
Koopa Paratroopa (Red) SMW.gif
Koopa Paratroopa (Yellow) SMW.gif
Koopa Paratroopa
Koopa Troopa (Red) SMW.gif
Koopa Troopa (Blue) SMW.gif
Koopa Troopa (Yellow) SMW.gif
Koopa Troopa
Lakitu in a Pipe
Lava Bubble SMW.png
Lava Bubble
Li'l Sparky SMW.png
Li'l Sparky
Magikoopa SMW.gif
Mask Koopas SMW.png
Mask Koopa
Mega Mole.png
Mega Mole
Monty Mole
Ninji SMB2 Sprite.png
Para-Bomb SMW.gif
Para-Goomba SMW.gif
Pidget Bill SMW.png
Pidget Bill
Piranha Plant SMW.gif
Piranha Plant
Pokey SMW.gif
Porcupuffer SMW.gif
Rex SMW.gif
Rip Van Fish SMW.gif
Rip Van Fish
Skull Box.png
Skull Box
Pointy Pillars.png
Spike Top
Spiny egg.png
Spiny Egg
Sumo brother.png
Sumo Bro
Super Koopa (Red) SMW.gif
Super Koopa (Flashing) SMW.gif
Super Koopa
Torpedo Ted.png
Torpedo Ted
Urchin SMW.png
Volcano Lotus
Ziggy Podoboo.gif
Zigzag Lava Bubble


Image Name Description
Reznor (Sprite).png
Reznor Four fire-spitting triceratopses. They guard the exit of all Fortresses.
The Big Boo.png
The Big Boo The boss of Donut Secret House. He moves around the room, invisible, then suddenly re-appears.
Iggy Koopa.png
Iggy Koopa Boss of castle #1, located in Yoshi's Island. He tries to push Mario into a pool of lava while spitting fireballs.
Morton Koopa Jr..gif
Morton Koopa Jr. Boss of castle #2, located in Donut Plains. He runs up the walls of his room, trying to drop onto Mario.
Lemmy Koopa.gif
Lemmy Koopa Boss of castle #3, located in Vanilla Dome. He pops randomly out of seven pipes along with two fake versions of himself.
Ludwig von Koopa.png
Ludwig von Koopa Boss of castle #4, located in Twin Bridges. He spins around the room in his shell, stopping to shoot fireballs.
Roy Koopa.png
Roy Koopa Boss of castle #5, located in the Forest of Illusion. He runs up the walls of his room, trying to drop onto Mario.
Wendy O. Koopa.png
Wendy O. Koopa Boss of castle #6, located in Chocolate Island. She pops randomly out of seven pipes along with two fake versions of herself.
Larry Koopa.png
Larry Koopa Boss of castle #7, located in Valley of Bowser. He tries to push Mario into a pool of lava while spitting fireballs.
Bowser SMW.gif
Bowser The final boss. He hovers above in his Koopa Clown Car, dropping Mechakoopas and Big Steelies.


World Image Description
World 1
Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island.png Yoshi's Island is mainly a grassy plains-related world that doesn't contain any underwater levels. The main enemies in this world include Monty Moles, Koopa Troopas, Rexs, and a few others. Iggy can be fought in his castle at the end of this world. Completing this world leads to Donut Plains.
World 2
Donut Plains
Donut Plains.png Donut Plains is the second world of Super Mario World. It is known for featuring the first Ghost House of the game and for being the first course with multiple exits. The Cape Feather is utilized frequently. The name of this world is a hinting of its unusual shape. It is owned by Morton Koopa Jr. and has a grassy plains theme.
World 3
Vanilla Dome
Vanilla Dome.png The Vanilla Dome is a big cavern full of sparkling diamonds and contains a Ghost House, large lake, a Switch Palace, and Castle #3. It also contains lava pools with the large Blarggs living within them.
World 4
Twin Bridges
Twin Bridges.png Twin Bridges is basically semi-sky based, as it has sky and land levels. It contains one underwater level, and the third portal to the Star World.
World 5
Forest of Illusion
Forest of Illusion.png Forest of Illusion is a location in Super Mario World that is ruled by Roy Koopa. It has 1 Fortress, and 1 Castle. It is the location of the Blue Switch Palace.
World 6
Chocolate Island
Chocolate Island.png Chocolate Island is an island in Super Mario World on the south-eastern side of Dinosaur Land. The boss here is Wendy O. Koopa. This is the only known island where Mario or Luigi can find Dino Rhinos and Dino-Torches.
World 7
Valley of Bowser
Valley of Bowser.png The Valley of Bowser is an area in Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World. The entrance to the Valley of Bowser appears after going through the Sunken Ghost Ship area. It is where Bowser oversees his operations on Dinosaur Land.
World 8
Star World
Star World.png The Star World is a mystical road far above the Mushroom World, and is linked to various locations around the world. It consists of five stars, each of which serve as a warp point.
World 9
Special Zone
Special Zone.png The Special World is a secret world that appears in Super Mario World. It can be accessed after completing the Star World and taking the secret exit from Star World 5. The Special World is known for containing the most difficult levels in the game and each level has their own, unique gimmick.

World Records

Rank Player Time Video
1 Area51 09m 45s
2 xpaco5 09m 45s
3 GreenDeathFlavor 09m 46s

Rank Player Time Video
1 GreenDeathFlavor 1h 22m 41s
2 Akisto 1h 22m 57s
3 Truman 1h 22m 59s

Rank Player Time Video
1 linkdeadx2 1h 33m 07s
2 mystakin 1h 35m 57s
3 dethwing 1h 36m 40s

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