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Super Mario Maker (JP) is a level creator for the Wii U. Players are able to create and play their own custom levels, based on Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U and share them online. Over time, new editing tools are unlocked, allowing players to download and play courses designed by other players.

Super Mario Maker received critical acclaim upon its release, with reviewers praising the game's user interface and course editing tools. In May 2016, Nintendo announced that over 7.2 million courses had been created worldwide, which had been played over 600 million times. A port for the Nintendo 3DS was released in December 2016, and a sequel was released in June 2019.



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Game Styles

Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario World New Super Mario Bros. U
SMB Icon.png
SMB3 Icon.png
SMW Icon.png
NSMBU Icon.png

Course Themes

Ground Underground Underwater Ghost House Airship Castle
Ground Icon (SMM).png Underground Icon (SMM).png Underwater Icon (SMM).png Ghost House Icon (SMM).png Airship Icon (SMM).png Castle Icon (SMM).png

Course Elements

Main article: Course Element

There are many different Course Elements that can be used to create a level in Course Maker. Certain objects can also be further modified by dragging a Super Mushroom onto it, adding wings or shaking it to cause it to change into something completely different.

In addition to this, some objects will change depending on the game style or theme that is used.

Offline Modes

Course Maker

Course Maker is the mode where players are able to create and design levels.


Coursebot can store up to 120 levels created in Course Maker or downloaded levels from Course World. Additionally there are also 68 Sample Courses available for play once they're unlocked by playing through the 10 Mario Challenge.

Players can open levels in Course Editor or upload levels to Course World from here. Starting on March 31, 2021, the ability to upload new levels was removed.

10 Mario Challenge

Main article: 10 Mario Challenge

The 10 Mario Challenge is a mode in which the player must play though 8 randomly selected Sample Courses created by Nintendo in 10 lives or less. Completing the 10 Mario Challenge will unlock the played courses for use in Coursebot.

Mode Number of Levels Screenshot
10 Mario Challenge 8
10 Mario Challenge.jpg

Gnat Attack

Main article: Gnat Attack

Gnat Attack is a hidden minigame, in which the player must swat different fly-like enemies using a flyswatter. Completing each difficulty will unlock a Mystery Costume for use in Course Editor.

Mode Time Limit Reward Screenshot
Normal 30 seconds
SMM Builder Mario.png
Gnat Attack.jpg
Hard 30 seconds
SMM Fighter Fly.png

Course World

Course World requires an online connection and Nintendo ID to access. This is where all uploaded levels can be found and played from.

Maker Profile

The Maker Profile is where levels uploaded to Course World can be found, in addition to recent plays, recently starred levels and various statistics about the maker's playing. When a creator gets a set amount of stars they will receive a Maker Medal allowing them to upload 10 additional courses (up to 100 total).

Maker Medals
Image Medal Stars Required Upload Limit
Goomba Medal.png
Goomba 1 10
Koopa Medal.png
Koopa Troopa 50 20
Piranha Plant Medal.png
Piranha Plant 150 30
Spiny Medal.png
Spiny 300 40
Cheep Medal.png
Cheep Cheep 500 50
Blooper Medal.png
Blooper 800 60
Lakitu Medal.png
Lakitu 1300 70
Bowser Medal.png
Bowser 2000 80
Toad Medal.png
Toad 3000 90
Peach Medal.png
Princess Peach 5000 100


Main article: Super Mario Maker/Stamps

Miiverse allowed players to leave text or hand-drawn comments on uploaded levels, with the addition of 100 pre-made stamps. However, on November 7, 2017, Miiverse was closed by Nintendo removing support for leaving comments and removing all comments made prior.

SMM Bookmark

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100 Mario Challenge

Main article: 100 Mario Challenge

The 100 Mario Challenge is a game mode found in Super Mario Maker, in which the player must play though a set number of randomly selected user-created courses in 100 lives or less.

Completing the 100 Mario Challenge will unlock a randomly selected Mystery Costume.

Mode Number of Levels Screenshot
Easy 8 100 Mario Challenge - Easy.jpg
Normal 16 100 Mario Challenge - Normal.jpg
Expert 16 100 Mario Challenge - Expert.jpg
Super Expert 6 100 Mario Challenge - Super Expert.jpg

Event Courses

Main article: Event Course

Event Courses were added in the version 1.20 update and are courses created by officially-endorsed partners and released by Nintendo. Clearing certain courses will unlock new Mystery Mushrooms.

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Game Styles

Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario WorldNew Super Mario Bros. U

Game Modes

10 Mario Challenge100 Mario ChallengeGnat AttackSuper Mario Challenge (3DS only)


Event CoursesOfficial CoursesSample Courses


Big MarioCostume MarioCape MarioFire MarioPropeller MarioRaccoon MarioSmall MarioSuper MarioWeird Mario

Course Elements Platforms and Objects

? BlockArrow SignBill BlasterBrick BlockBridgeBumperCheckpoint FlagCloud BlockConveyor BeltDonut BlockGroundHard BlockHidden BlockIce BlockLava LiftLift (Flimsy Lift) • Mushroom PlatformNote Block (Music Block) • One-Way WallPipeRotating BlockSemi-Solid PlatformTrackVineWarp Door (P Warp DoorKey Door)


1-Up MushroomBig MushroomCape FeatherFire FlowerGoomba's ShoeMystery MushroomPropeller MushroomShell HelmetSuper LeafSuper MushroomSuper StarWeird Mushroom


CoinKeyKoopa Clown Car (Fire) • Lakitu's CloudP SwitchPink CoinPOW BlockTrampolineYoshi


Blooper (Blooper Nanny) • BlurpBob-ombBoo (Boo BuddiesStretch) • BowserBowser Jr.Bullet Bill (Bull's-Eye Bill) • Buzzy BeetleChain Chomp (Unchained Chomp) • Cheep CheepDry BonesFish BoneGoomba (GaloombaShoe Goomba) • Hammer BroJelectroKoopa Troopa (Beach Koopa) • LakituLava BubbleMagikoopaMuncherPiranha Plant (Fire Piranha PlantJumping Piranha Plant) • Rocky WrenchMonty MoleSea UrchinSledge BroSpike TopSpiny (Spiny Egg) • ThwompWiggler


BurnerCannonFire BarGrinderSkewerSpike Trap


Easter EggsSuper Mario Maker (stage)StampsUnused Content (3DS version)