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The Manual of Style (MoS) is a style guide for articles on the Kaizo Mario Maker Wiki. Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with common practices and rules.


  • Articles should use American English spelling, grammar, punctuation and word usage. This also means following American formats, such as using dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Slang words are not acceptable, with the exception of recognized slang words found in Glossary that are specific to the community.
  • Profanity is absolutely not acceptable unless it is part of a proper noun, such as a game or level title.


  • Avoid talking directly to the reader. This includes using words such as "you" or "your". Instead explains thing from a neutral point of view. (i.e if Mario does this... instead of if You do this...)
  • Official names for subjects should be used when available. Fan-made names should not be added, unless there is no official name available. (Use Weird Mario instead of Lanky Mario)
  • Do not make assumptions. Only add something if it has been tested and confirmed. If you are not familiar with how something works, then please do not add to it. (i.e I think the trick works because... or the trick is probably 3 frames). However, it is perfectly fine to use a question mark as a placeholder. (This was patched in version ?)
  • Opinions are not allowed in the articles. (This is an awesome trick, or these kind of levels are the worst, etc.)


  • Bold text is used when the subject of an article is introduced. (A Thwomp is a...)
    • This includes any secondary names a subject may have. (A Weird Shell Jump, also known as a Reclaim, is a...)
  • Titles of video games should be italicized. (Super Mario World)
  • Strong emphasis that isn't adequately conveyed by an article's wording may be italicized.
    • Bold or capitalized text should not be used to convey emphasis.

Naming Conventions

  • Names should always have proper capitalization.
  • Names should be kept concise and to the point, don't just describe what the topic is about.
  • Topics with unofficial names should always use the most common name used in the community.


Format Use Not
Article names should be singular if it's about an individual subject. Kaizo Hack Kaizo Hacks
Articles about a multiple subjects should always start with "List of". List of Glitches Glitches


Format Use Not
Category names should be plural Category:Levels Category:Level


Files should follow a standardized naming format to ensure it's easy to find a specifc image when it is needed:

Type Format Example 1 Example 2
Game Sprite/Render ItemName - any possible variation (game) File:Buzzy Beetle (SMM SMW).png File:Buzzy Beetle - Underground (SMB).png
Game Icon Name Icon (game) File:Underground Icon (SMM).png File:Castle Icon (SMM2).png
Country Flag Flag of CountryName File:Flag of USA.png File:Flag of Japan.png
Game Cover GameName - Cover (version) File:Super Mario Maker - Cover (USA).png File:Super Mario Maker 2 - Cover (USA Bundle).png
Game Logo GameName - Logo (version) File:Super Mario World - Logo (USA).png File:Super Mario Maker 2 - Logo (Japan).png
Character Artwork Name - Artwork (Origin) File:Chargin' Chuck - Artwork (SMW).png File:Bowser - Artwork (SM3DW).png


Main article: Manual of Style/Layouts

All articles should follow this basic standard layout.

  • Topicon
  • Notices (Stub, Incomplete, etc)
  • Infobox
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
  • Notes (or Tips)
  • References
  • External Links
  • See Also
  • Navbox

If a particular section is not needed in an article, then it should not be present, but sections that are applicable should follow the correct ordering.

Notability Requirements

Before creating a new article for one of the following categories make sure it passes the requirements of notablity.

  • Events: In order for an event to receive its own article it should hosted by a notable streamer/company, or be featured within one of the main communities.
  • People: In order for a person to receive their own article they should have high importance within the Kaizo community, as either a creator or player, and be known specifically for that. Notable people that play Kaizo, but are known for something else should not be added.
  • ROM Hacks: In order for a ROM hack to receive its own article it should at least be accepted and published on SMW Central or have notable coverage.
  • SMM Levels: In order for a Super Mario Maker level to receive it's own page it should have coverage from 3rd party websites, such as Kotaku, or be widely known throughout the community. Please do not add your own levels unless they have such coverage.
    • SMM Worlds: In order for a super world to receive it's own page it should be a notable collaborative effort within one of the main communities, or have coverage from 3rd party websites.


When creating an article, make sure to add them to the corresponding category:


  • Course Element: This is any items, enemies, themes, or other aspects that are available for creating a level (Buzzy Beetle, P Switch. etc).
  • Design: This is any setups, contraptions, or other level building tips (Key Check, Quick Items, etc).
  • Glitches: This is anything that is clearly not supposed to be possible in game and exploits bugs (Frozen Beach Koopa, Blackhole Glitch, etc). This can be further split into two categories:
    • Gameplay Glitches: This is for any glitch that occurs while during active gameplay.
    • Editor Glitches: This is for when the glitch occurs in the editor itself during edit mode.
  • Mechanics: This is anything inherently built into the game, that has an effect whether the player knows it or not (RNG, Sprite Limit, etc).
  • Tech: This is anything that requires knowledge from the player and requires them to physically do the trick (Shell Jumps, Midairs, etc). This can be further split into categories by difficulty level:
Skill Level Information GIF
Basic Tech Beginner tricks that are easy to learn or are very simple.
Shell Jump (Spring).gif
Intermediate Tech Tricks that are difficult, but won't take a long time to learn.
Spin Drop.gif
Advanced Tech Extremely difficult tricks that will take a lot practice to learn.
Spring Regrab Shell Jump.gif
Frame-Perfect Tech Tricks that requires perfect inputs to pull off.
Wall Jump (Standing).gif