The Forced Crouch Storage Glitch is a glitch that occurs in Super Mario Maker when Mario jumps onto a saw with Yoshi while holding down, or crouches into a grinder while wearing a shellmet. It will force Mario to crouch whenever a crouch check is performed or an enemy is jumped on. This will remain until Mario is killed or touches a bumper.

Activating the Glitch

The glitch is activated by either jumping onto a grinder with Yoshi while holding down, or by hitting the bottom of a grinder while crouching and wearing a shellmet.

Yoshi Crouch Storage Shellmet Crouch Storage
Yoshi Crouch Storage Glitch
Shellmet Crouch Storage Glitch

Mechanics Affected


Whenever Mario jumps on an enemy, or certain objects, he will be forced into the crouched position. If a spin jump is performed, then the spin jump will be canceled.

Yoshi Crouch Storage Glitch (Spin Cancel)

Crouching With Items

Crouching with items in the Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U game styles is normally not possible. However, whenever Mario jumps on an enemy, or certain objects, he will be forced into the crouched position even if he is holding an item. As long as the down button is held down, Mario will stay in the crouched position while holding the item.

Crouching With Items Glitch (SMB3)
Yoshi Crouch Storage Glitch (Item)

Crouching as Small Mario

Crouching as Small Mario in the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 game styles is normally not possible. However, when Small Mario is forced into a crouch through this glitch he will behave exactly how he would in other game styles, except his appearance will not look any different than normal. This includes have a smaller hitbox.


Deactivating the Glitch

There are only 2 known ways to deactivate the forced crouch storage:

  • Touching a Bumper
  • Dying/Restarting
Yoshi Crouch Storage Glitch (Deactivating)

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