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This is a list of useful links from the Super Mario community.

Super Mario Maker


There are many different communities or groups dedicated to Mario Maker. In addition to being used for sharing levels and discussing the game, many of them also host level contests and races.

Community Websites

  • Databases
    • Mario Maker 2 API - An API for Super Mario Maker 2 made available by TheGreatRambler with help from the community.
    • Super Mario Maker Database - A level sharing website for the Super Mario Maker series and Cemu emulator.
    • Uncleared Stats - Website showcasing stats of uncleared levels in Super Mario Maker 2.
  • Years of Mario Maker - A website for hosting the yearly anniversary projects, the first 3 years taking place in Super Mario Maker, then in Super Mario Maker 2.
  • SMM2 info - A website used to search level codes and look at informations directly from a computer. Tools
    • Super Mario Maker Idea Generator - A tool for randomizing level ideas.
    • Music Level Studio - A tool for creating music automatically by converting a MIDI file to their Mario Maker version, adjustable manually by different pitches and instrument with a view of what it would like inside the game making it easy to recreate.
    • Warp World - A tool for managing level queues and playing viewer levels on Twitch.
    • Mario Maker 2 OCR - A tool that reads informations on the screen and creates a box containing those informations for the viewer to see at any time. It can be customized to show the level code, increase the death counter at each death, and more without having to do any modification manually. It also has the advantage of showing the level code without the level necessarily being part of a level queue.
    • Level viewers
      • Wizulus's level viewer - The most popular level viewer website with lots of functionnalities, stats, and working on mobile.
      • Toost Website - Working level viewer website even when the API is down by TheGreatRambler (creator of the MM2 API), based on JiXiaomai's viewer.
      • JiXiaomai's viewer - Application level viewer, The orginal first level viewer created.
      • Course viewer - Level viewer website by andrewingram.

Official Super Mario Maker Websites

Official Super Mario Maker 2 Websites


ROM Hacks



Community Websites

Inactive Websites

Websites that no longer exist, or are inactive, but are being listed for achival purposes.

  • MM2 Directory - A website used to search for levels and promote their owns.
  • Makers of Mario - A database for levels and custom playlists.
  • MakerHub Studio - A tool for playing viewer levels on Twitch.
  • Dram55 - Kaizo Wiki - A website for information on speedrunning the Kaizo Mario World games.
  • Super Mario Maker Tool (smmtool.net) - A tool for playing viewer levels on Twitch, the website is now redirection to scams, so do not go on it.
  • Mario Making Mods (mariomods.net) - A website that used to be dedicated to modding Super Mario Maker for Wii U and 3DS, the website is now redirecting to scams, so do not go on it.
  • Makermaker.net - A website that used to be dedicated to posting news and information about Super Mario Maker, the website is now redirecting to scams, so do not go on it.
  • Super Mario Maker Bookmark - Official website that was used for bookmarking levels to play at a later time in Super Mario Maker, as well as having a dedicated level searching function.