Cape Mario is the form Mario turns into after obtaining a Cape Feather. Cape Mario is only available in the Super Mario World game style.


Super Mario Maker

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Mario Luigi Toad Toadette
Cape Mario Sprite.png

Mario Luigi Toad Toadette


This form allows Mario to slowly float down when falling. Mario can attack enemies with his cape by spinning. He is also able to fly indefinitely if he runs for a short time and then jumps.

Cape Canceling

When Cape Mario gets hit while diving he will not take damage and will instead cancel his flight and start spinning.

Cape Damage Boost.gif

Dive Bomb

If Cape Mario dives into the ground during flight, it will cause a quake that instantly defeats all on-screen enemies that are touching the ground.

Cape Dive Bomb.gif

Flight Storage

By spinning the cape after gaining cape speed, Cape Mario is able to retain the ability to fly even when standing still.

Cape Speed Retention.gif


Note: This only works on levels created before version 1.44
By diving and flying into a ceiling, Cape Mario is able to stick to the ceiling while flying.


Spin Fly

By spin jumping after gaining cape speed, Cape Mario will jump very high as if he's flying.

Spin Fly.gif


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