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Black60dragon Black60dragon 18 May 2021

Why Consistency Levels Are Important

In this blog I'd like to explain my thoughts on Consistency Levels and why I think there's more to them than most people might think.

  • 1 Common Questions
  • 2 Metaphors For Comparison
    • 2.1 Basketball
    • 2.2 Music
  • 3 Final Thoughts

Q I played some consistency levels, now what?
A: One of the best pieces of advice I could give to really solidify your comfort level with a trick is to create your own level using that trick. Make sure everything else is something you could do relatively easily, and try to beat it. You'll get lots of experience doing the trick in a more controlled environment. Then just slowly start introducing new techniques into your levels.

Because people often forget this is a principal applied to many things in life, I thought I would give some sim…

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TheElectricMarioFan296 TheElectricMarioFan296 31 May 2020

The “Yes!!” Crouch

The Yess!! Crouch is a trick in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2. To do the trick, just crouch up and down consecutively when you achieve something good.

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Lemmykoopa12 Lemmykoopa12 13 April 2020

Smm 1

So I have not discovered another smm 1 glitch besides the ones that are on my profile on this wiki but on sm64ds I did rediscover a patched glitch but that will be for another day and that is all

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Black60dragon Black60dragon 6 January 2020

New Features (January 2020)

  • 1 Automated Preloaded Pages
  • 2 New Templates
    • 2.1 List of Templates
  • 3 Projects Checklist
  • 4 Bot Account

Previously, you could find easy-to-use page presets HERE that could be copied/pasted into a new page to quickly format it. The problem was if you didn't read through the help page then there was no way for anyone to know about them.

However, I have now figured out how to make this process automated. After opening up the editor you will now see a new "Preload template:" dropdown menu. Simply select any of the 12 options while in source mode and the preset page structure will be added. Keep in mind this is just a general guideline and you are free to remove unnecessary sections or add new ones if you want.

I've been creating new templates for use on the Wi…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 7 December 2019

Ninji Speedrun

I can't believe Ninji Speedruns is Serious. I got a time of 20.075 on Rolling Snowballs and I'm put in Rank #10658. Quite the Competition.

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Tatiaus Tatiaus 24 August 2019

Changes that needs to be done in multiplayer (versus)

This is a list of what (in my opinion) should be changed in multiplayer (mostly focused on versus), that I don't know how many times it's gonna take me to make videos about it, so while waiting, here's the wrote version of it. Hopefully this makes sense even without the images.

In multiplayer, if there is a set number of redcoins, the person to collect the last redcoin gets the key and this removes the purpose of collecting redcoins to who is gonna collect the last one. Each player should collect all the redcoins by themselves to be able to acquire a red key. In general, this red key would work like a normal key except for the fact that it could not be stolen by other players. This red key would be used to be able to enter a red keydoor but…

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 28 June 2019

For me, I don't have Super Mario Maker 2 yet.

I'm hoping my father pre-ordered it. If not, I might as well wait a little more. At least Super Mario Maker 1 is still going. I'm not going to watch any gameplay because I don't want any spoilers. But what I want to know is what do we need to do in order to unlock some things for the editor. I hope everyone who is playing Super Mario Maker 2 right now is having a blast.

Update!: My father has now gotten me the game because he said I've been doing good with my chores. And come to think of it, I'm getting to mowing a little, but another obstacle is breathing in dirt. I cough uncontrollably, but that's besides the point. Thank you father!! ^.^

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Tatiaus Tatiaus 16 April 2019

How to earn a badge

So today I want to presente to you how to earn a badge on the Wiki:

First, you have to create a blog about the fact that you want to earn a badge, and then you're done! Good job!

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Pacmanboss256 Pacmanboss256 12 April 2019

Anything I can do to help?

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Black60dragon Black60dragon 4 November 2018

Making Backups of Super Mario Maker Levels

This is a guide of protecting your levels in case Nintendo decides to delete them for whatever reason. After an early 2016 patch, levels that get deleted are blocked from being re-uploaded, but there is a very easy exploit to get around this.

After uploading a level, if you change the title the game for some reason counts it as a completely separate stage and removes the upload check mark. Then when the uploaded copy is deleted the version saved in course bot will remain untouched, complete with the clear check and all.

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KaizoPuff KaizoPuff 28 August 2018

Dev Exit lol

Level ID: 71D8-0000-03B9-0724

I was staying up late and playing some 1 AM Levels till I came across this level. I finally reached to the second part of the level. There was a 1x1 pillar underneath me and I jumped on the left side to see if I could get the camera to pan so I can see what to expect. Turns out it was a Dev exit. I took the ceiling pipe. Now took the pipe next to it. And the ending was there, but make sure to predict your jumps to get to the exit.

I think we should create an article about Developer Exits.

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Black60dragon Black60dragon 9 February 2018


This is a work-in-progress where I will try to design an easy-to-follow guide on learning and understanding mechanics in Super Mario Maker.

  • 1 Phase 1: The Basics
    • 1.1 Damage Boosting
    • 1.2 Random Elements
  • 2 Phase 2: Learning to Platform
  • 3 Phase 3: Learning Basic Item Abuse
    • 3.1 Midair Spring / P Switch Jump
    • 3.2 Shell Jump
  • 4 Phase ?: TAS Levels and Beyond
    • 4.1 Midair Shell Jumps

A great place to start is by learning the built-in game mechanics. These differ between the various game styles and knowing what is possible in each style is a big help. The following pages go into more detail on the game styles.

A very common technique is what is known as Damage Boosting. When Mario takes damage while having a power-up he will become invincible for the next 158 frames. Dur…

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Black60dragon Black60dragon 5 December 2017

Speedrunning Tips

There are lots of smaller tricks that experienced players use when speedrunning levels in Super Mario Maker. They are too small to have their own article, but here are some tips I have picked up in my days of playing this game.

  • 1 General Tips
    • 1.1 Cheese The Level
    • 1.2 Hope For Good RNG
    • 1.3 Practice Stairs
  • 2 Speedrunning Strats
    • 2.1 Die at the Checkpoint in Autoscroll Levels
    • 2.2 Duck Jump Through Springs
    • 2.3 Spin Jump Into Sideways Springs
    • 2.4 Wall Kick to Gain Speed
  • 3 Saving a Frame
    • 3.1 Super Mario vs Small Mario
    • 3.2 Donut Speed Tech

One of the simplest ways to save time in a level is to simply break it. Learning basic Kaizo tech will allow you to skips sections of levels made by people that don't know better.

In some levels it doesn't matter how skilled you are, it …

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Black60dragon Black60dragon 11 November 2017

Super Mario Maker Version 1.47 Changes

Global Patch = Will not work at all, even in old levels.

"Will add links tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a doc I made."

  • 1st Frame Door Jumps are out. It is no longer possible to jump on the first few frames after exiting a door. However, 1st frame vine climb/boot ditch still works)
  • 2nd Frame Pipe Exit Jump in NSMBU are out
  • Beach Koopas (SMW) can now immediately be jumped on after they exit their shells. You no longer have to wait for them to flip over. Video
  • Bob-omb physics have been changed. They move in the air differently
  • Cannons and Bill Blasters are now killed by having overlapped coins turning into blocks instead of being pushed out. This means the flying cannon glitch is out. Video
  • Coin Blocks, Rotating Blocks and Question Blocks no longe…

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