Developer GbreezeSunset
Platform Super Nintendo
Release date June 24, 2015
Length 40 Exits
Genre Kaizo: Light
Download SMW Central

Banzai Mario World is a ROM hack of Super Mario World created by GbreezeSunset. This hack was designed for players of all skill levels and features many new mechanics such as double jumps, shapeshifting enemies and wallkicks. This hack also features a hidden 3-up moon in every level for an extra challenge.

A sequel titled Banzai Mario World 2 is currently in development.


World 1

World 1
Banzai Mario World004
Yoshi's House
Poor Mario
Bottomless Cavern
Incorporeal Mansion
Mario's Jump v2.0

World 2

World 2
Banzai Mario World005
Move Slower Pokey!
Puzzling Forest
Luigi's House
Where's Mario?
Leap of Faith
Green Switch
Lava Rising River

World 3

World 3
Banzai Mario World006
Dolphin Abuse
Chum Chase
Blackout Bay
The Sleepwalker
On Camera
Red Switch
On a Roll

World 4

World 4
Banzai Mario World007
Starlit Switches
Skull Raft Rapids
Yellow Switch
Clouds and Balloons
Arid Desert
Moles with Shades

World 5

World 5
Banzai Mario World010
Koopa Cooperation
Mario on Ice
Blue Switch
Mushroom Company HQ
It's not over yet!

World 6 (Special World)

World 6
Banzai Mario World009
Rediculous 2
The Challenge
Jump Malfunction
Run Mario Run!!!
Penniless Mario
Wallkicks Work

World 7

World 7
Banzai Mario World008
Mario's House

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