10 Mario Challenge

First Appearance Super Mario Maker (2015)

The 10 Mario Challenge is a game mode found in Super Mario Maker, in which the player must play though 8 randomly selected Sample Courses created by Nintendo in 10 lives or less.

Completing the 10 Mario Challenge will unlock the played courses for use in Coursebot. After completing the challenge ? times the 2015 Nintendo World Championships levels will be unlocked for use in Coursebot.


Super Mario Maker Game Over.png,800px-Super Mario Maker Game Over

Whenever this mode is started, Mario will begin with 10 lives. If Mario loses all 10 lives then the player will receive a game over screen. Progress will not be saved, so if a player quits the challenge they will have to start over the next time they play.

A player's coin total will carry over between levels, and they will have the opportunity to earn a maximum of three 1-UPs per level - which will only take effect if a level is cleared. While the levels are completely random, the final level will always be in a Castle theme.


veSuper Mario Maker (3DS)
Game Styles

Super Mario Bros.Super Mario Bros. 3Super Mario WorldNew Super Mario Bros. U

Game Modes

10 Mario Challenge100 Mario ChallengeGnat AttackSuper Mario Challenge (3DS)


Event CoursesOfficial CoursesSample Courses


Big MarioCostume MarioCape MarioFire MarioPropeller MarioRaccoon MarioSmall MarioSuper MarioWeird Mario

Course Elements Platforms and Objects

? BlockArrow SignBill BlasterBrick BlockBridgeBumperCheckpoint FlagCloud BlockConveyor BeltDonut BlockGroundHard BlockHidden BlockIce BlockLava LiftLift (Flimsy Lift) • Mushroom PlatformNote Block (Music Block) • One-Way WallPipeRotating BlockSemi-Solid PlatformTrackVineWarp Door (P Warp DoorKey Door)


1-Up MushroomBig MushroomCape FeatherFire FlowerGoomba's ShoeMystery MushroomPropeller MushroomShell HelmetSuper LeafSuper MushroomSuper StarWeird Mushroom


CoinKeyKoopa Clown Car (Fire) • Lakitu's CloudP SwitchPink CoinPOW BlockSpringYoshi


Blooper (Blooper Nanny) • BlurpBob-ombBoo (Boo BuddiesStretch) • BowserBowser Jr.Bullet Bill (Bull's-Eye Bill) • Buzzy BeetleChain Chomp (Unchained Chomp) • Cheep CheepDry BonesFish BoneGoomba (GaloombaShoe Goomba) • Hammer BroJelectroKoopa Troopa (Beach Koopa) • LakituLava BubbleMagikoopaMuncherPiranha Plant (Fire Piranha PlantJumping Piranha Plant) • Rocky WrenchMonty MoleSea UrchinSledge BroSpike TopSpiny (Spiny Egg) • ThwompWiggler


BurnerCannonFire BarGrinderSkewerSpike Trap


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